• Fresh Water Production

    Fresh Water, Clean Brine water, Heavy Brine water

  • Water Recycling

    We supply water to the Oil and gas Industry

About Us

We are a premier mobile water treatment and filtration company based in Midland Texas

Offer clean water sources tailored to meet our customers needs at a competitive price

We can tailor any water to your needs

Our mission is to produce Fresh Water, Clean Brine Water and Heavy Brine Water at our permanent facility or via our mobile units on your location

Contact us today for your water needs!

DJ Engineering your single source for Water Engineering

Let us handle your water from source to disposal

We are your water source !


We have the ability to produce unlimited supplies

Clean Brine

Produced waters disenfected and ready for reuse

Heavy Brine

Let us be your Heavy Brine supplier!

Our Recent Projects

Just a few examples of what we do

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Mobile H2o Services in South Texas !

DJ Engineering INC.
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Water Reuse in New Mexico

Mobile H2o Services moves equipment to there yard in Midland Texas
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Jal Water Alliance Chooses Mobile H2o Services to be it's Water service Company

DJ Engineering is a premier service provider of Engineering services primarily focused in the water industry
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What They Say

Jal Water Alliance is positioned to be the premier water supplier in south New Mexico we look forward to processing there waters
Dale Johnson,President DJ Engineering
We look forward to working with the Jal Water Alliance
JP McGinnis,Director of Oilfield Services
We are excited about the conservation initiative this project brings to New Mexico
John Smith,Oil and Gas Professional

Contact Information

  • Pensacola Fl
  • Email: dalej@djeng.com
  • Phone:850.696.2026
  • Fax:850.696.2026